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Mar 16th,
WWE Live Event Results – March 15, 2014
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Laredo, Texas:

Daniel Bryan pinned Kane in a Steel Cage match after the running knee. Great way to end the night and send the crowd home happy..

Feb 22nd,
WWE.com Power Rankings – February 22, 2014
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This Week Movement Superstar Last Week
3 - Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan is as focused as ever at becoming the new “face of WWE” at Elimination Chamber, recording four victories between Raw and SmackDown. Unfortunately for the “Yes!” man, WWE Director of Operations Kane appears to have made it his mission to derail the #YESMovement.

Feb 12th,
SmackDown Spoilers – February 14, 2014
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Feb 4th,
SmackDown Spoilers – February 7th, 2014
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Jan 26th,
Daniel comments on not participating in the Rumble
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Jan 26th,
WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Coverage
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Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Bryan unloads and takes Bray to the floor early on after leaping out. Bryan brings him back in and hits a big crossbody for a 2 count. Bryan with kicks in the corner now. Bryan gets knocked off the top and lands hard on the outside. Bryan comes back in and takes control with kicks and a submission. Bryan works on Bray’s leg now. Bryan stomps Bray’s face into the mat and unloads with more kicks. They end up tangling on the apron. Bray gets the upper-hand and slamming Bryan face first down into the apron. Bray brings Bryan back in and tosses him across the ring.

Bryan fights out of a hold and nails Bray with forearms. Bray tosses Bryan over the top and back out to the floor. Bray follows and puts Bryan’s head against the ring post. Bray hits Bryan with punches and forearms while his head is against the post. Bray drops Bryan hard on the floor and brings him back in for a 2 count. Bray taunts and stomps on Bryan now. Bray with another 2 count and another. Bray works on Bryan’s neck now. Bryan tries to make a comeback but Bray knocks him back down. Bray turns upside down in the corner and falls on his back. He starts doing the spider walk and splashes Bryan in the corner.

Bray blocks a third clothesline and levels Bryan but Bryan kicks out at 2. Bryan blocks Sister Abigail and rolls Bray up for 2. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock and gets it applied. Bray bites Bryan to break the hold. Bray takes back control now. Bray takes Bryan to the corner and works him over. Bryan fights back with headbutts but so does Bray. Bryan sends Bray to the mat. Bryan climbs up and nails the flying splash. Fans and Bryan chant “yes!” but Wyatt avoids the running knee by rolling out of the ring. Bryan kicks him and leaps out with a suicide dive but Bray catches him in mid-move and drops him with Sister Abigail on the floor. Bryan’s head hits the barrier. Bray rolls Bryan back in the ring. Bray nails Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

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Jan 13th,
Raw Coverage – January 13, 2014
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Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan (w/ Harper & Rowan) vs. The Usos

Jey punches Bryan in the corner and whips him, but Bryan knees him off the ropes and kicks him in the corner before he tags out. Bray stomps Jey a few times and tags back out, then Bryan chokes Jey on the ropes and kicks him in the back. Bray splashes Jey in the corner and hits him a few times, then Jey finally makes a comeback and clears the ring before he and Jimmy hit suicide dives. They roll Bryan and Bray back inside and head up top, but Harper and Rowan knock them down and beat them down to cause the disqualification. Harper and Rowan hit them a few more times before the Usos get the better of them and run away, then Bray turns to Bryan and whispers to him. Bray hugs him and hits Sister Abigail before Bray tells him he has a reason for this all, then they roll him out of the ring and carry Bryan to the back.

Winners: The Usos (via disqualification)

Jan 8th,
SmackDown Spoilers – January 10, 2014
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Dec 16th,
Raw Coverage – December 16, 2013
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The whole locker room is on the stage as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon start the show in the ring, and she says tonight is important because they are paying respect to a great man. HHH says WWE’s history collided with it’s future, and Randy Orton became a champion of champions, then he introduces Orton to the crowd. Orton stares at the locker room as he makes his way out, stopping and smirking at John Cena, then he enters the ring and says it’s nice to be right. He says he had no doubt he would win, and the fans believed he had things handed to him, but he took what he wanted and proved himself. Orton says he’s better than them all and more powerful, then Cena calls him an idiot so Orton calls for his mic to be shut off before he ruins this. Cena says he wants to save some time and congratulates him, and he says Orton was the better man, but that title forces him to put up or shut up every night he has it.

Cena says he’s heard Orton talk enough, so it’s time he does something else, then Orton says he won’t get his rematch but Cena says he’s not talking about himself. He says he told someone they’d get a fair shot if he won, and he wants Orton to do the right thing and defend his title against Daniel Bryan. Orton screams for security but Cena tells him to care about his legacy, then he says the right thing is to face Bryan tonight. Cena says he must be scared, but Orton says he doesn’t have to listen to any of them, then Stephanie says he has to listen to them. Orton says Cena is out of line and he is trying to stay calm, but she can’t think this is best for business, because it’s not. HHH says Bryan doesn’t deserve a title match right now, but Stephanie says Bryan was voted Superstar of the Year, so they listen to the fans and asks if that’s what they want. Orton says he went through hell last night, but HHH says he can’t think of a better way to start Orton’s reign off, and Orton gets a chance to silence his critics.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

Bryan gets Orton with a takedown and snaps back on his leg, then Orton regains his composure before he kicks Bryan in the stomach and punches him. Orton hits him a few more times but Bryan kicks him in the corner and sends him outside, then Bryan uppercuts him but Orton hits him right back. They trade several uppercuts before Bryan knocks Orton into the corner, then Orton whips him into the ropes but Bryan counters a Thesz press with a half crab. Orton makes it to the ropes so Bryan slams Orton’s knee on the mat, then he kicks him a few times and goes for a takedown but Orton drops him with a clothesline. Orton stomps him in the corner and targets his shoulder, then he stomps Bryan arms several times and does his trademark pose to taunt the fans.

Bryan gets pissed off and scratches and bites Orton’s face, then he hits him several times and knocks him outside before attempting a suicide dive. Orton sidesteps him and throws him on the floor as we cut to a break, then we get back to see Orton suplex Bryan onto the barricade before rolling him back in. Orton gets a near fall before hitting a superplex, then Bryan comes back again with the moonsault out of the corner and the running clothesline. Two straight running kicks in the corner set up a top rope hurricanrana but Bryan’s arm injury prevents the immediate cover. The fans are correct as they call this awesome. Bryan gets caught in the backbreaker but gets a quick YES Lock attempt to stop Orton’s momentum. A catapult sends Bryan over the top but he skins the cat, only to get kicked in the ribs. The Elevated DDT drops Daniel again but the RKO is countered into a backslide for two. The big kick to Orton’s head gets the same and both guys are down. There’s the big YES chant and Bryan goes up top, only to get crotched down.

Bryan breaks up another superplex attempt and scores with the swan dive for another near fall. The fans are losing their minds on these kickouts and with good reason. More kicks in the corner have Orton in trouble but he misses a running kick to the opposite corner to give Randy a breather. A rollup gets two for Orton but he gets caught in the YES Lock out of nowhere. The hold isn’t on all the way though and Randy gets over to the rope and out to the floor. Now the FLYING GOAT connects and Bryan hits a leg lariat up against the barricade. Back in and the missile dropkick connects, setting up the chest kicks. Orton ducks the head kick and low blows Bryan for the win. Post match here’s Cena to go after Orton but he checks on Bryan, only to walk into an RKO. Orton poses to end the show.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (via disqualification)

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Dec 15th,
WWE TLC 2013 Coverage
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Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family

Bray sits in the rocking chair as Bryan starts things off, bringing the fight to Rowan quickly. Rowan takes Bryan into the corner, but runs right into a drop toe hold that sends him into the corner. Bryan scores with a couple of kicks, but Rowan takes Bryan right down to the mat before tagging out to Harper. Harper comes in and hits Bryan with a huge European uppercut, then rips away at Bryan’s face. Bryan kicks at Harper’s knee, then takes him over with a dragon screw. Bryan stands on the backs of Harper’s knees, and rips at his face, before stomping down. Bryan kicks at Harper’s legs, but Harper comes back with a slap to the face. Harper tags out to Rowan, who kicks away at Bryan in the corner before stomping on his head. Rowan slams Bryan to the mat hard, then picks him up and does it again. Rowan picks Bryan up in a bear hug, rag dolling Bryan in the process. Bryan fights out of the hold, but runs right into a flap jack for two. Harper tags back in and hits Bryan with an upper cut in the corner. Bryan back flips over Harper and ducks a clothesline, but runs right into a sit-out slam. Bray stands up and takes gets up to the apron. Bray tags in and says it didn’t have to be like this. They could have been friends, and he could’ve helped Bryan. Bray hits a huge splash in the corner and wears Bryan out with a series of head butts.

Bray picks Bryan up to his feet and hits a big suplex, throwing Bryan across the ring. Bray does his creepy spider walk toward Bryan, before tagging out to Harper. Harper hits a big elbow drop and follows with the gator roll. Bryan fights up to his feet, but Harper hits him with a big uppercut. Rowan tags back in and hits a head butt, then picks Bryan up and hits a fall away slam. Rowan hits a series of right hands, and Harper tags in. A bit of double team work leads to a huge boot from Harper, and Bray tags back in. Bray screams at Bryan the whole time, then offers his hand to Bryan. Bryan kicks Bray in the side of the head, and comes up with a series of forearms. Bryan runs into a huge back elbow, and Bray rips at his face. Harper tags back in, and Bray says he’s done with Bryan. Harper hits a huge sit-out power bomb, but Bryan kicks out at two. Bray whispers something in Harper’s ear, and Harper misses a running boot in the corner, getting hung up in the ropes. Bryan hits a double dropkick, knocking Bray and Rowan off the apron. He follows with a dropkick to Harper’s back. Bryan seats Harper on the top rope and hits a belly to back superplex for two.

Bryan waits for Harper to get to his knees, and he hits him with a series of kicks to the chest, and a final kick to the side of the head. Bryan goes to the top rope and hits a flying head butt, getting two before Rowan breaks it up. Bryan avoids a splash in the corner and kicks Rowan in the side of the head. Rowan ends up trapped in the ropes and Bryan kicks him repeatedly. Bray tags in and Bryan stops him cold. Bryan sends Harper and Rowan from the ring before scoring a roll up on Bray for two. Bray hits him with a big shot to the head. Bryan dives through the ropes and wipes out Harper before hitting a drop toe hold on Rowan into the ring steps. Bryan catches Bray throat first on the top rope, then hits a shotgun missile dropkick. Bryan tries for the yes lock, but Wyatt stops him and pounds away. Bray hits sister Abigail, and pins Bryan for three. Bray cradles Bryan’s head, laughing the whole time.

Winner: The Wyatt Family

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Dec 14th,
WWE.com Power Rankings – December 14, 2013
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This Week Movement Superstar Last Week
3 Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan definitely experienced a week to remember, from his victories on Raw and SmackDown to being chosen by the WWE Universe to receive the Slammy Award for the Superstar of the Year. Bryan can’t let that good fortune go to his head, as he still needs to deal with The Wyatt Family at WWE TLC.

Dec 13th,
SmackDown Coverage – December 13, 2013
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Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan

Rowan hits Bryan in the back and headbutts him, then Bryan comes back with some kicks but Rowan slams him on the mat and puts him in a bearhug. Rowan hits a fallaway slam and a clothesline, then he goes for a corner splash but Bryan avoids it and kicks him several times. Bryan hits a suicide dive that sends Harper into the barricade, then he sends Rowan out to the floor but Bray pulls Bryan away from the ropes to cause a disqualification. Harper and Rowan attack Bryan as Bray goes and sits back down, but Bryan gets away from them and knees Bray right out of his chair before running away.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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